Carla Fletcher

Facts tell, stories sell.

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Facts tell, stories sell.

How are you going to create content about a painting and let the audience fall in love with the artwork and artist at the same time, without spending crazy money on advertisement?

Now, after Carla made the decision to take it one step further than she normally would, her audience started to feel more connected with her and basically became her online ambassadors. Establishing a connection with your audience is the most valuable thing you can do, especially as someone who’s selling expressed feelings & emotions. What did Carla do?

At NMSP we believe that facts tell, but stories sell. This doesn’t mean that facts only won’t sell anything, but it’s much more powerful to tell a story that has an impact on people with facts backing the story up.

People tend to think that their own story is not exciting enough because they feel they have similar stories/lives to other people. True, every story has been told a million times. But not by you! Just because there are similarities in stories, it doesn’t mean that your story is the same as everybody else’s. Your story isn’t comparable to anyone’s story, so start telling it!

Carla decided to do just that and talked about her personal story about how the artworks came to be. On video. All of a sudden her artwork becomes more than just art. It was art with a story, made by an artist with a story. Facts tell, but stories sell

People didn’t only get to know the story behind the beautiful piece of art Carla created, but also the story of Carla as a person and artist. We backed the story up with the footage.

Now you may think, how is this going to get views? It probably won’t. But that didn’t matter to us, nor did it to Carla. In some cases, you need to go depth instead of width. Especially when a big part of what you are selling are emotions and feelings. We rather make a real impact on 100 people, then merely tickle 10.000.

The responses to the video were great. People fell in love with the video, the painting, and Carla as a person. She created ambassadors for her brand & fans of her work by telling a real personal story, backed-up with facts.

NOTE: Every (personal) brand needs to have a story. If you haven’t found a way to tell yours, and your competitors do, there’s a big chance that people will feel more connected with the brand that has a real story, vs the one who hasn’t. Start telling your story as soon as possible!

Building a personal brand & selling self-expression


  • By telling your story you will be perceived as more trustworthy. Trust is one of the key factors to build a brand and drive sales.

  • By telling your story you can be perceived as more ‘cool’. People like to buy cool stuff from cool people.

  • By telling a story that makes an impact on somebody, you create a long-lasting connection with someone, who’s likely to tell your story to others. This way you create your own ambassadors.

  • Telling a story is a way of differentiating yourself from your competitors

  • Since we have a good understanding of what works and what doesn’t work on social media (content & marketing-wise) you’ll have a better chance at making good decisions, which means spending less money on trial and error + more likely to get better results quickly.

  • We have all the gear you need to start creating content. This means less / no upfront costs to invest in gear and less risk.


  • You need to be sincere

  • Don’t expect to go viral.


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First camera operator – Michael Miyajima

Creative Director – Senna Kost

Head of production – Oscar Mooy

Edit – Jessey Loupatty

Carla Fletcher & NMS Productions

This is our first collaboration with Carla Fletcher.
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