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A life changing moment for Dr. Andrew

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A life changing moment for Dr. Andrew

Now, after making a life-changing decision, Dr. Andrew got exactly what he wanted; to be able to help more people and get more time off.

Dr. Andrew decided to take a bold move by selling his clinic and changing his business model from running his million-dollar wellness clinic and coaching, to selling his knowledge in an online course.

He already possessed the knowledge for the course itself, now he had to sell it. How was he going to convince people that his course was worth investing in? How was he going to make people trust him and let them realize that his course could grow their clinics? How was he going to reach his audience in the first place? He felt like he wasn’t a very good online salesman.

Risks were at stake.

We often see people working on their product for weeks, months, or even years to make it perfect. But they forget an essential part; a marketing plan. Your product can be perfect, but without the right marketing strategy & content, you are most likely not going to sell a whole lot.

Through our services, Dr. Andrew could solely focus himself on the knowledge that he wanted to share. NMSP took care of the marketing strategy for the content, producing the different types of content, and helping him to bring across the right message and get people to take action. We guided him to create the perfect library of content to sell his online course.

He could focus on what he liked doing most & we (NMSP) were able to do what we do best. This all while being cost and time-efficient at the same time.

Now Dr. Andrew can live off of his online courses, has more free time, and gets to help people to better run their clinics at the same time. It sounds like a million bucks to us!

NOTE: Online courses/selling information is becoming more and more popular by the day. But with the right strategy, you can dominate your market even if you have the feeling that you are fashionably late to the party.

Expanding a business + wanting more free-time.


  • Since we have experience in what works and what doesn’t work on social media (content & marketing-wise) Andrew had a better chance at making good decisions, which means spending less money on trial and error + more likely to get better results quickly.


  • You need to have the knowledge with which you can help people.


Below an overview of the final video’s we produced for MDW.

Developed a content strategy to generate global brand awareness for MDW

Produced over the 20 + videos for MDW to set up a video course helping all health practitioners around the world.

Created and produced niche focused social media content for advertising purposes.

Behind The Scenes

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Strategy & Concepting

Are you looking for tailormade concepts & strategies that build your brand and make you more money?

Content Creation

Are you looking for content that gets views, builds a bigger / more loyal fanbase & drives people to action ?

We translated a 310 pages course to an online video training focused on Wellness and health practitioners.

To market the online video training we translated those video’s into engageable social media content focused on the channels: Facebook, LinkedIn & YouTube.

Do you want to know more about this project?

Please feel free to ask any questions regarding the MDW project to our Director of operations Oscar Mooy.


Founder MDW – Dr. Andrew Arnold

First camera operator – Michael Miyajima

Creative Director – Senna Kost

Head of production – Oscar Mooy

Edit – Lui Ocampo, Jentzen Paolo Javier, Shannen Dean, Domingo Joshua Ganaden