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From 600 people in Amsterdam, to millions in Los Angeles.

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From 600 people in Amsterdam, to millions in Los Angeles.

Something had to change…

Now a couple of years later, they run a business that has endless possibilities to expand and they never felt like something was missing ever again.

Senna and Oscar came up with a strategy to reach more people, make the brand known nationally, make a bigger impact & drive more sales. The idea was to create concepts on YouTube which would promote the events. It had to be something big to be able to host multiple events in multiple locations, instead of just Amsterdam.

The concept called: ‘Bedroom Secrets’ was a national hit. 4+ Million people watched the videos. Even the news caught on to it and for months people were talking, hearing, and seeing things about the brand. This changed everything.

Suddenly companies started to reach out, asking to create content/sponsor content that would generate the same brand awareness and sales as it did for them. All this happened by accident… But sometimes the best stories start as an accident, haha.

Oscar and Senna found their purpose in making brands known, get people to engage with a brand & drive people to action / generate more sales. And most importantly, this time there was no limit to the number of people they could reach and have an impact on.

A couple of years and many successful projects later, it’s the company’s sole purpose to create online strategies and content to grow brands & followers that make you money.

Ps, though it’s not our purpose anymore to organize awesome parties. We still know where all the hot spots are and how to party the right (and only) way, in Amsterdam! Don’t hesitate to reach out for a drink or some nightlife tips!

We grow brands & followers that make you money.

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Meet our Dream Team


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Senna Kost

Creative King

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Oscar Mooy

Operational Captain

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Marwan Guedamsi

Growth Hacker Pur Sang

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Jessey Loupatty

Content Wizard

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Tim Van Sloten

Content Wizard

Meet our Partners in Crime


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Martin F. Eyking

CEO – Australia


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Rafael D. Nacionales Jr.

CEO – Philippines


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Anastasiia Bilous

Solutions Director