Shoot Ya’ Shot

Shoot Ya’ Shot!

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Shoot Ya’ Shot! is the first scripted series we produced in Los Angeles.



2.5 million +

Impressions Click – through rate



191,000 +

Watch time (hours)

10,000 +

Average view percentage


Unique viewers

122,000 +

The Concept

Shot Ya’ Shot! is a story about the most insecure guy you will meet David. David is utterly in love with the girl next door: Maya. According to David she’s his soulmate. Will David overcome his fear and find the courage to ‘shoot his shot’?

Season 1

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

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What the target audience said about Shoot Ya’ Shot!

Behind the Scenes


DP & First camera operator – David van der Meijde

Script – Selly

Creative Director – Senna Kost

Head of production & influencer handling – Oscar Mooy

First camera operator – Wessel Verster

Sound – Jessey Loupatty

Edit – Jessey Loupatty, David van der Meijde & Selly

For more information about this project and our services please contact the head of operations Oscar Mooy