Bedroom Secrets

How we got nominated for an award

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How we got nominated for an award

The club where ‘Pillow Talk’ was being hosted in, had just opened its doors in the center of Amsterdam and since people had enough places to go to, we almost had to force people to come to something completely new. Massive brand awareness was needed for people to come to visit the club and ‘Pillow Talk’.

To this day, people in the Netherlands still talk about the event Pillow Talk and Bedroom Secrets. We even got nominated for the ‘best brand content award’ and ended up in the top 3 together with some huge Tv networks. How?

We started the YouTube format ‘Bedroom Secrets’ to promote the Pillow Talk event. We coupled the most relevant influencers, at that time, and asked them questions about their sex & love life. The first two episodes gained massive awareness and we saw immediate results in people coming to our events.

We started to attract companies who wanted one thing only: Awareness. Especially companies in the dating & sex niche were interested in promoting their product in our show because it’s almost impossible for them to use advertisements.

We shifted our focus from promoting our event to helping companies gain awareness through sponsored content such as Bedroom Secrets. Being relevant, providing information and entertainment has been one of our core principles ever since. Even the national news caught on to our content and the brands sponsoring the show gained massive awareness and credibility as a result.

Creating/sponsoring content that gets a good amount of views can be life-changing for any business. We hear success stories about brands, companies, and even artists whose life changed after 1 piece of content, all the time.

NOTE: If you want more awareness for your brand, you have multiple options; you either create the content your own or if you don’t have the funds / knowledge to do so; you sponsor somebody else’s content. Just make sure that you deal with parties/businesses who know how to do product placement and branding the right way. In the end you want to drive positive awareness and traffic / sales. Not all parties who create content know how to reach your desired goals.

Brand awareness and Sales


  • Sponsoring content is less expensive in the short term if you don’t know how to create good content.

  • Sponsoring content is less risky if you want to ensure yourself of awareness. If correct you already have a good idea of the awareness the content generates that you are thinking of sponsoring.

  • Sponsoring content gives you credibility. Often you work with brands that are already perceived as trustworthy. Working / linking with those brands gives you a sense of credibility for your own brand.

  • Sponsoring content is a great way to slowly build on your own following. (That’s if people go to your page and think your content is valuable to them)


  • If you act as a sponsor, you are not fully in control of the content.

  • The content will most likely not be 100% aligned with your brand values.



63.3 million

Impressions Click – through rate



6 Million

Watch Time (hours)


Average view duration

6.27 minutes / 47.5%

Subscribers gained

27,000 +

Likes vs dislikes

96.8% vs 3.2%


8,000 +

Behind The Scenes

In collaboration with Condoom – Anoniem and EasyToys we’ve managed to generate massive brand awareness for both parties.

The Concept

In Bedroom Secrets, two known influencers share a bed with each other without knowing who the other person will be. Together they will answer sex & love related questions. At the end of the episode will find out if they are open to share a bed with each other (in another way).

Season 1

(Powered by Condoom – Anoniem)

Season 2

(Powered by EasyToys)

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Behind the Scenes

To generate extra brand awareness for our partners and our YouTube channel we also create BTS content

Season 1

Season 2


First Camera Operator – Michael Miyajima

Second Camera Operator – Jan Minkhorst, Milheiro Veen

Creative Director – Senna Kost

Head of Production and Influencer Handling – Oscar Mooy

Edit – Jan Minkhorst, Michael Miyajima

MUA – Shayenne Verstraten

Location Partner – Marriott Hotels Amsterdam

For more information about this project and our services please contact the head of operations Oscar Mooy