Give your fans and followers access to a private online space to help grow the community.

The FanZone is a unique and fully moderated online space for your members and fans to interact with each other and feel even more involved with - and loyal to - your organization. NMSP has designed this with your fans in mind, allowing them to share their own user generated content with other members and enthusiastically engage with all the UGC uploaded by other users. From videos and images to text and audio, with new content forms on the horizon, your fans can participate in the perfect exclusive environment made just for them. Of course, this is also the perfect place for your sponsors and partners to get involved with the community in a supportive, fun and engaged way so that everybody wins!

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Empower Your Community with The Ultimate Platform for Building Strong Connections

Our Products

Our products are built to create more value for you and your members in specific niches. A complete suite of immersive features allowing your members to communicate and connect in various ways.

Monetize, engage and grow your Tribe

TribeTXT is a private social media platform with maximum freedom and control for the creator. A complete set of features let you connect with your followers in various ways and help to reach new audiences.

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Creating value off the pitch with your most loyal fans

Athletes, clubs, sports associations and beyond connect directly with their supporters and open up new revenue streams from online subscriptions and sponsorship through their very own moderated platform.

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Make a bigger impact with your own private community platform

From non-profit organizations to associations and other member groups, SupportTXT helps you to engage with new members, raise awareness and generate additional funding via your own customized private platform.

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A monetization platform for e-learning services

LearnTXT is a delivery platform facilitating two-way communication between teacher and student and between students themselves with the ability to process payments or monthly subscriptions.

Kindergartens, schools, universities and educational organizations alike can create their own platform to communicate directly with students and parents encouraging them to share their work and ideas in a fun and interactive way.

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